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Caravan and Motor Home Air Con Cleaning

Caravan and Motor Home Air Con Cleaning

Looking for a regular or once of air conditioning cleaning service?
Express Air Con Cleaning, One quote, no surprises, great value.

Just returned or thinking about heading off for a holiday in your beloved Caravan or Motor Home? Then think about an Express Air Con Cleaning on your AC Unit in preparation for or after the event to ensure your unit is either running efficiently and cleanly or get it ready to shut down till the next adventure.

Due to the environmental conditions that we typically endure during our Caravan or Motor Home Holidays, you should not discard your Air Conditioning Unit. The dusty outback to the salt spray of a beach side stay over, your AC unit can be subject to excessive dust or salty environments that can cause efficiency loss and erosion of your units.

Don’t be caught in the middle of your trip or just as you are about to leave to find your AC Unit smelly or not working to its peak! At Express Air Con Cleaning we will check and clean your AC Unit ready for that next adventure at a reasonable cost that will surprise you!