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Reasons why Express Business Australia is important to a business owner


What support will you receive while running your business?

When running your business the franchisee will have periods of challenge. Those challenges can include what to do in a slow period or how to handle too much work.


Growth is one the great times in a business and presents numerous opportunities that can be overcome. Having a team that has worked with other businesses in growth phases allows knowledge and experience to be passed on that will provide Express Business Australia franchisees to continue to be successful.


When in peak periods it is often good to consider that it may not always be that way, the support team can offer suggestions on ensuring the franchisees year round business continuity.


Express Business Australia is a team.

By joining a franchise system the franchisee is part of a team. A franchisees support team includes a dedicated team at Head Office, other operators in the field and Regional/State/National Master Franchisees.

We are all here to see the individual franchise operators reach their desired level of success.


A business owner buys into a franchise because it is a team and business success requires the effort of the whole team – the operator in the field and head office assist each other in achieving greater success for franchisees. Express Business Australia believes in each operator and desires to see each reach their business potential.


Why franchise support.

With Express Business Australia in-house training they cover a number of topics in a short period. These topics cover back end operations of their system including IT, marketing, systems and our On-the-Job training.  Express Business Australia recognises that some of this knowledge is not fully retained by the franchisees during training. We supply Operations Manuals and online support systems to assist the franchisees. Express Business Australia also knows that is extremely beneficial for new operators to be contacted regularly during the early stages of their business. This will provide a support network that can recap topics covered in an on-field program and via head office support team. This creates a beneficial establishment phase of the business. A firm foundation to the business will lead to longer term business success.

When the franchisee has been in operation for some time regular contact is able to assist in maintaining or growing their business. This regular contact by franchisees with the franchisee support network can ensure complacency does not enter their business. This contact acts as a reminder to continue to focus on the business and improve their business.

Want to Be Your Own Boss?

Express Business Australia have franchises available in all areas of Australia. Express Air Con Cleaning franchises available as well as over 30 different business types from Car Detailing to Bookkeeping. Franchises start from as low as $5,950 + GST and including everything you need to run a successful business by following the Express system.

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Express Mission & Offer

Express Business Australia gives motivated individuals the opportunity to be their own boss with our low-cost, all inclusive franchises. By providing all equipment, training and support Express Franchisees are equipped to deliver the best possible service to our valued customers. Committed to excellence, Express Business Australia strives to offer a wide range of services at affordable prices through a team of motivated, successful franchisees.

  • Earn up to $3,000+ per week by following the Express system
  • You can work the hours of your choice
  • Work close to home
  • We supply all initial equipment, operations manuals, stationery, advertising and promotions
  • We supply initial marketing collateral
  • We provide initial and on-going training, back up and support
  • Choose from over 25 great divisions
  • Large Team For Networking
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