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Air Con Cleaning Bundaberg

Do you know what’s hiding in your air conditioner? At Express Air Con Cleaning Bundaberg, we clean more than just the filters! Our specialised service delivers a thorough clean to keep the air in your home or business fresh and healthy. We are locally owned and operated, and pride ourselves on delivering a helpful, friendly service with a smile. Customer satisfaction is our priority, so we can guarantee our attention to detail, value for money and punctuality are second to none!

The complete clean takes on average 90 minutes for the average residential air con to clean thoroughly. This will ensure all components including the evaporative cooler, barrel fan, dust filters, louvers and covers are restored to practically new condition only by using Express Air Con Cleaning Bundaberg specialised equipment.

Express Air Con Cleaning Bundaberg will treat the system with an antibacterial solution to inhibit growth of mould and bacteria giving you up to 12 months protection.

We offer discounts for pensioners and multiple units!

Call 1300 Express to book a service today!

  • Remove dust, mould and bacteria from inside your air conditioner

  • Evaporative cooler is flushed out with environmentally friendly detergents and water

  • Barrel fan is flushed out with environmentally friendly detergents and water

  • Cleaner air means less allergies and flu like symptoms

  • Save up to 30% on your energy costs

  • Fit products to prevent mould and bacteria in your air conditioner

  • Improved air flow reducing your energy costs

  • No dirt, no dust, no mess

  • No job is too big or small