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When did you last clean your air con unit?

Most people clean every nook and corner in their home or office, vacuuming carpets, disinfecting surfaces to ensure a healthy and hygienic indoor environment, but they never bothered to clean their air con unit.  Do you know that fine dirt & dust particles and bacteria pass through the filter and deposit inside the air con unit? With the time there will be a whole build up of fungi, mould & bacteria living inside your air con which you and your family breathe every time you turn on the air con.

A cleaned air conditioner will give healthy indoor climate, reduced energy cost and a longer life span for the air con unit.

At Express Air Con Cleaning Blacktown, we


provide an excellent reliable service at affordable prices and are focussed on complete customer satisfaction.

Protect your family from sickness such as asthma, hay fever and sore eyes. Save $100’s with a efficient running air con after an Express service.

We have a variety of services available including:

  • Express Filter clean with the application of the Express Filter Treatment to reduce fungal growth.
  • Express Complete Clean with cleaning filters, applying Express Filter Treatment, cleaning the coil with Express Coil Cleaner, drain pan cleaning etc.
  • Air Wellness Products-  Tee Tree Film to prevent bacteria and mould growth in drain pan, Antibac Film to purify and improve the  indoor air quality.
  • Specialized in – Window type, Split type wall mounted, ceiling mounted, cassette type, ducted type, multi split air con units etc.
  • We are fully trained, fully insured and use the latest high quality products and equipment.
  • Call to get free quotes

We also have operators Australia wide feel free to call us on 1300EXPRESS (13003977377) or use our online enquiry form to get a quote today.

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Preferred partners for Pizza Hut Moorebank & Greenfield