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With electricity costs on the increase and the rising awareness of health issues caused by the air we consume, the servicing of your house, office or work air conditioner is imperative. The saving of up to 30% in energy costs and the comfort of knowing that your family, staff or customers are not affected by bacteria and mould caused by your air conditioner!

It is not only the energy savings and peace of mind that attracts customers to our business. They are also encouraged by the credibility and reliability of professionally trained operators backed by a strong network.

Our goal is to always provide a value for money service which appeals to people from all walks of life. From busy families to corporate executives, our professional operators can supply a service to cover your Air Conditioning Cleaning requirements. Part of that service means returning customer calls within 30 minutes, providing specialist advice and ensuring each job is done to the highest possible standard.

Customers naturally like to deal with secure companies who strive to provide excellent service. When an Express operator arrives in uniform and on time, does an excellent job and charges a fair and reasonable price, customers know they are dealing with a true professional and will continue to use the service time after time.

Express Air Con Cleaning comes to you at home, office or work, at a time that suits you. From a simple Filter Clean to a complete system and duct clean Express Air Con Cleaning will ensure clean air from your system.

All operators are fully trained independent Franchise Owners and fully insured!

Express Air Con operators come fully equipped and can service your home, work or office.

So for all your Air Con Cleaning needs call Express Air Con Cleaning for a prompt, professional & friendly service guaranteed!

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